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Asian BBW Vanessa Lee gives new meaning to the expression “fuck like an animal“. She’s got her big beautiful ass, actually her whole killer plump body painted like a rare jungle animal, and she’s wandering in the jungle, her natural habitat. Is she searching for food, or a mate? Let’s make a bet on the latter, because that’s what she finds in the form of CJ Wright‘s huge cock.

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Who says delivering pizza is a shitty job? This sad sack of a pizza guy was trying to pay his way through college on crappy tips and horrible customers. After all, what can be more depressing than delivering pizza to the party that you weren’t even invited to? Well, joke’s on everyone because pizza boy here happened on a couple of fat ass sexy dominatrices who just happen to be bored with no one to give orders to on a Saturday night.

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Her big ass and thighs are overcome with cellulite and dimples which only makes the sight of her bending her big BBW ass over in front of you all the more enticing.


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Pashion’s massive black butt jiggles and sways as she rides a big cock on the bed. There’s something so enticing about this angle. Girl on top, where you can see just how large her backside is, humping up and down on her man’s stiff cock.The irony is that while he is getting some intense pleasure with Pashion on top, he can’t see her glorious fat ass from this angle. Time to get more bedroom mirrors.


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Alice and her massive tits. Reputed to be 85JJ size boobs, you can’t even call them tits at this point. Lying on her back Alice proceeds to roll her huge tits around, slapping herself in the face in the process. Definitely sexy for the big boob fan, for Alice, probably not that much. She’s a sexy BBW though and cute and hot in her black fishnet stockings.

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Gotta love the opening scene. Brazilian Big Butt Granny enters the room using a walker. She shuffles along while being helped by the proverbial “strapping black man”. He helps her onto a chair, she wants to give him a tip! He refuses, no no, it’s my pleasure, it’s ok. But no. granny is persistent and rubs her hands all over his bare chest, taking about 3 seconds to seduce him. Hey, it’s porn after all.

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Straight and to the point BBW porn. They talk on the couch. They get undressed. He worships her curvy big blonde butt. She sucks his cock. They fuck doggy style. She masturbates while he fucks her missionary. He shoots cum on her sexy BBW belly.


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The title says it all. This beautiful blonde BBW takes that big cock and rides it for all it’s length and hardness. Sexy in black garters, she takes it from behind to start so that he can get a good look at her incredible curves.


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A blast from the past. This looks like Catalina Cumalot, who was one popular big ass Milf back in the early days of internet porn. Recognizable from her pentagram tattoo tramp stamp. These guys worship the fuck out of her wobbly fat ass and oil her up for some hot interracial ass fucking.


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White booty BBW sex goddess Devious gets together with Lex Steele aka Lex the Impaler for a serious sex romp. Of course, the focus is once again on the enormous booty that Devious has to truck around with her everyday. With an ass this big, it’s no wonder that she spends a lot of her time lying down or on her hands and knees getting fucked. You need a big cock to fuck a BBW and Lex Steele has the tools for the job with his 12 inch cock of iron.

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Patty Boobs knows how to get those cocks ready for sex. Here she is masturbating all kinds of guys in various scenes and looking at her handjob and blowjob technique, you can only be impressed. Hey, a mature woman has experience after all. Her bad girl haircut gives her a sort of slutty 80′s punk rock look, but the cocks in her mouth gives her that slutty cocksucker look. She can suck one cock and stroke another at the same time, in a such a way that everyone feels like the focus is on them. What a gal.

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Poor Holly Jayde. She’s outgrown her jean shorts again and her ass doesn’t fit in them anymore. So what’s a fat girl to do? Thankfully, she has a strong man with good ideas and the first idea is to get her out of those shorts and start eating her pussy. Holly has a nice fat and shaved pussy. Kind of like a plump taco if you will. Or a fat clam. Whatever. It gets pretty juicy once he clit gets stimulated.

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New on the porn scene, this black BBW is only known as The Butt, and with good reason. Because her ass is huge. So huge that it’s almost cartoon like, like it came out of the brain of famous big butt fan and aficionado Robert Crumb. But it didn’t, because The Butt’s massive ass is as real as they come and looking at The Butt’s ass is like looking at the living definition of Steatopygia.

In this video, The Butt is well taken care of, and the camera focus is all on dat ass, cause it’s all about this big basketball booty babe with her big brown ass in the air and accepting large cocks doggystyle. This is the only way in this case to appreciate such a massive assed girl.
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Amateur BBW Cajun‘s huge ass became legendary in the early days of the new century. Like, you could barely wrap your mind or hands around just how big her ass was. Thankfully, there are pics and videos to clear up that mystery. Here she is in another low budget video, which may or may not have been shot in a trailer, getting her beautiful large butt pounded in the sexiest position: with her huge ass in the air.

This skinny guy fucks her from the back, and he gets the hottest visual while he tries to hold onto her wide hips which are so fat, he almost disappears deliciously into them. Her ass is literally twice as wide as he is.

And….Cajun’s videos appear to have been removed. In the meantime, here’s some Big Ass Ann. It’s not the same, we know


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Sexy Brazilian BBW Milf Nanda is back and she’s riding this big latino cock and moaning in portuguese like the sexy fat vixen that she is. Nanda’s wet sloppy pussy is so ready for that cock and when she rides it you can hear her juicy pussy make sloppy wet noises with every hard thrust of his pulsing penis.

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Sexy mature BBW raises up her leopard skirt and fingers her own ass and doing some anal masturbation. This is solo cam video and she gets herself all worked up, knowing just what she likes. Her tattooed arm is skillfull, as it would be. She gets that dildo deep in her ass, causing her to moan. Totally genuine too.

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